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Spotify Fails to Woo Taylor Swift

Millions of people are streaming music. This is obvious one big factor that has stopped a lot of music fans from buying music. Many stars have allowed Spotify to stream their songs. Taylor Swift, however, is not a happy camper about the Spotify experimental music streaming wave. She has had her new album – which contains the most popular Spotify stream of the year, “Shake it Off” – removed. But with the rise of social media like Facebook and Skout, featuring Spotify functionality, she’s missing out on a huge market.

There is no doubt that the new album, “1989,” may not have sold more than a million copies if it was streaming. Taylor has said that she feels like this is an experiment, and she doesn’t want to be part of some musical experiment with limited control. Spotify has tried to woo the singer back, but Taylor has stood her ground with the new music streaming giant.

Taylor has went on to say that the artists are not fairly compensated for their work that is presented here. Most artists are having a hard time with this because it sort of devalues the music. Taylor feels like the music is losing value with streaming because it is practically free.

Spotify released a statement that stated that they hope that Taylor changes her mind. It will is unlikely though because Taylor Swift album sales are soaring. More people are buying the album because they cannot stream it. This gives Taylor a competitive advantage over other singers.

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