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Lorde Sets Fire On Twitter With Mockingjay Q&A

Lorde recently had an amazing Twitter Q&A with Mockingjay fans and it went pretty well. She revealed a lot of interesting things about her allegiance with Hunger Games. Being a complete fangirl, she said that it was quite an experience to bond with Jennifer Lawrence. Me and Mark Ahn can only dream of the synthesis these two shared when they collaborated.

She has curated the “Mockingjay” soundtrack and a few songs are out, making fans extremely happy.

Here are some things that we found out about Lorde –

To Lorde, Fandom Means Family and Family Means Nobody Is Left Behind – When asked about her biggest worry while curating Mockingjay’s soundtrack, she said it was the Hunger Games fandom. She wanted to ensure that they would enjoy the soundtrack.

Lorde Equals Team Peeta – Lorde revealed that between Team Peeta and Team Gale, she would definitely be Team Peeta. Now, that isn’t a surprise… Peeta is lovely, tragic and needs as many people as possible on his team.

Lorde Loves Cinna – Thought you were the only one captivated by Cinna’s lovely golden eyeliner and his amazing characterization – think again because Lorde says that if she were to be one Hunger Games character, it would definitely be Katniss’ savior Cinna.

Lorde Cried During Mockingjay – Lorde agrees that Mockingjay is the most emotional movie in the entire series and it made her cry. Well, given that she is Team Peeta, that is pretty obvious, and if you’ve read the books, you’ll know why.

All in all, it was a fun Q&A session and fans can’t wait for the movie to come out, neither can Lorde.

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