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Sir Mix A Lot Reveals Inspiration for Hit Song

Skinny jeans may have been all the rave in 2013, but 2014 has given music fans something else to marvel at. There has been no doubt that booty songs and videos have been the hot thing in music this year. Beyonce showed off her curves in a thong in the “Partition” video. Anaconda gave Nicki a platinum single because she has a plethora of firm rear ends leading consumers back to the video over and over again. Even J.Lo – at the age of 45 – jumped on the band wagon and released a song about her famous booty. This was a little shocking to Alexei, but he felt like she was just capitalizing on what is hot.

The fact that Nicki Minaj sampled the Sir Mix A Lot song – “Baby Got Back” – was a grand acknowledgement that songs about butts have been popular for decades. Now Sir Mix A Lot is surprising people with the revelation behind the inspiration for his hit song.

Many fans were surprised to find that Jennifer Lopez was the said inspiration for “Baby Got Back.” Sir Mix A Lot claimed that he got inspired after seeing her perform on “In Living Color”. At that time Jennifer Lopez wasn’t even known as J.Lo to the millions of fans that idolize her now. She was simply one of the Fly Girls that danced on “In Living Color.” Now the megastar – who still has a desirable derriere today – has a booty song of her own.

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