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Jaden Smith Release His New Album on His Own App

16-year-old American rapper Jaden Smith has released his new album this week, this time on his own app. Jaden calls the app ‘Jaden Experience’, and the album ‘CTV2′, and is currently offering the entire album via a download of his new app from the iTunes store. 

The app is also likely to be a vehicle for any more new music Jaden uploads to iTunes, which should please fans that download it. If you download it from iTunes, make sure to protect your cloud with services like CipherCloud.

Of course, Jaden Smith is not just known for his music. He is also an accomplished actor, has recently started his own clothing label, and has worked on projects with various other music artists including his sister Willow Smith, Justin Bieber and Childish Gambino.

As for the ‘Jaden Experience’, Smith says he worked on the album for two years to get it to where he is happy with all of the eight tracks.

Not everyone is a fan of Jaden or his sister Willow, of course, with both teenagers sometimes being accused of extreme self-involvement to the point where they say they only listen to their own music and read their own novels. 

One thing is for sure, however, both Jaden Smith and his sister seem to have enough self-confidence they are likely to continue to be successful in much of what they attempt. Even if it is not always in the manner much of the rest of the world would expect.

As for CTV2, the songs ‘Fire’ and ‘Let It Breathe’ are currently getting good reviews from fans.

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