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Nick Minjai Award Show Overload

The Video Music Awards – affectionately dubbed the VMAs – has been a big deal for MTV. Now that the MTV music empire has expanded there is also the EMA show that Nicki Minaj hosted recently. She seemed to get great reviews as host on the show, so now she is in demand. She will not be the host of the American Music Awards, but she will be performing live.

Music critics and fans have to face the cold hard facts. Nicki Minaj will draw viewers. She is rolling along with this sexpot image and it is working well for her. The only names that are really buzzing in music are Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. That is why the American Music Awards have already booked Nicki to perform live. She will be joined by Ariana Grande and Jessie J for the “Bang Bang” hit. She will also have Skylar Grey in place for the “Bed of Lies” single that has just been released.

Nicki’s good girl polar opposite, Taylor Swift, will also be slated to perform on the show. This is something for Christian Broda to look forward to during the event. All of the live performances and singles are great for Nicki Minaj because the album is still waiting in the wings. It will not be released until December 15th, but this gives her so much exposure. She has managed to truly become a force that has moved beyond her hip hop fan base.

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