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Tom DeLonge Disapproves of Streaming Music

After years of battles between musicians and public media streams that allowed music to be listened to for free, we seem to be still caught up in this controversial topic. On one hand, you have the main public who for the most part would prefer to get their music for free. On the other hand, you have musicians who believe the art they make should come with compensation when listened to and that streaming music for free is basically killing the industry. Igor Cornelsen tends to agree at least somewhat with the musicians.
Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge made a statement the other day comparing the streaming of music to killing elephants. He stated that the music industry is getting chopped down one piece at a time by illegal downloading and the streaming of tracks online, and that it’s like the Chinese who are killing elephants for their ivory. Based on his words, he feels the music industry is getting suffocated by the public having the ability to listen to music free of cost on the internet. There have been a great deal of other artists in the media who agree with DeLonge, and are taking measures to ensure that their music is not streamed for free. Taylor Swift recently removed one of her albums entirely, to prevent it from being listened to without compensation. Due to the vast resources the internet provides and the ever increasing technology, it appears that this will continue to be an issue circling the music industry.

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