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Meghan Trainor Taking Off

Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” has gone off the charts! At just 18 this girl received her first publishing deal. With this, she decided not to go to college and just go straight into music. Not only is her number one song “All About That Bass” catchy, but it’s a song most girls can relate to. Her lyrics talk about how it’s okay to be a little bigger and not stick thin. What girl doesn’t want to hear this?

It’s so encouraging to hear, especially in today’s culture. Meghan, along with her producer Kevin wrote the song in 40 minutes, the whole time laughing. After they wrote it, Kevin flat out said, “We’ll never make a dime off this. No one will like this, no one will cut this.” Little did they know it’d go viral, and Slutan Alhokair would be sharing the song with friends. There is more to come from Meghan Trainor and I know we are all looking forward to it. Rumor has it that T-Pain and Meghan Trainor are making a song right now as we speak. Her future is definitely looking bright!

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