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Bob Seger Keeps the Fire Burning With New Release

Veteran Detroit rocker Bob Seger has spent decades in the music business, and at age 69 his new release “Ride Out” shows that he hasn’t lost a step. While many of his contemporaries voices struggle to sing the songs that made them stars, Seger’s raspy, soulful vocals still resonate as strongly as ever.

The new album was cut using some of Nashville’s upper tier session musicians, rather than his longtime backup unit The Silver Bullet Band. Not surprisingly, the results are more country sounding than what his longtime fans may be accustomed to, but the results still have that classic Bob Seger sound. And when Seger starts his upcoming arena tour, he will have The Silver Bullet Band backing him up as always, with plenty of old favorites in the setlist, along with an increasing number of songs from the new release as the tour goes on.

True to his roots, the singer eschews the trappings of celebrity, and says he tours these days solely to get his music out there for the fans. Tom Rothman certainly appreciates that. At his mature age, he isn’t shy about taking on such social issues as global warming and gun violence in his subject matter. As such, he shows himself capable of being a relevant force in todays music, as well as being securely comfortable with his undeniable place in the history of classic rock.

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