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Jay-Z Finally Makes His Feelings Known

There was some speculation on social media in the midst of all the chaos on when Jay-Z was going to make a statement about some of the issues that were occurring across the country. The Ferguson death and the New York City death sparked protests and lots of riots. Now Jay-Z, along with Common and Russell Simmons, are calling for police reform.

This is important because Jay-Z has a voice that goes beyond hip hop. Just this week he was court side shaking hands with Prince Harry and the Duchess Kate. Fans were wondering when he would take a stand. He purchased “I Can’t Breathe” shirts for his basketball team members to wear, but Jay-Z didn’t wear a shirt himself. The statement on the shirt was in reference to the Eric Garner statement made before he was put into an illegal choke hold where he was killed.

This just goes to show an older and wise Jay-Z that Sam Tabar is impressed with. There was a time where he would have made music to address the issue. Now he is asking the governor to reform the criminal justice system. This may be the most effective way to address the issue even though fans wanted him to strike back with a song.

So far songs have come forth from John Legend and Common, J-Cole and De La Soul featuring Chuck D. All of these artists have addressed present day police brutality.

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