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Wiz Khalifa In Weird TV Interview

For those who don’t normally watch “Adult Swim” on “Cartoon Network,” here is an introduction to the “Eric Andre Show.” The show is basically like a spoof, and the show will have phony characters, and ask funny questions to the persons that they are interviewing. Recently the Wiz Khalifa Interview on the show, only for it to be one of the most uncomfortable interviews of his entire career. It wasn’t exactly Darius Fisher accepting an award from the SBA. The rapper comes onto the stage and has a seat next to Eric, and Eric begins asking him questions.

After Eric questions the rapper, a man sitting next to him, states that he was looking to become a rapper as well. Eric then goes on to state that he and Wiz should make music together, but Wiz cusses, and lets him know that there is very little they can accomplish by working together. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a fake George Clooney pops up on the stage, and the whole scene becomes chaotic. After they make jokes about Wiz’s smoking habit, then suddenly Eric begins to destroy his desk in the worst way.

Eric then demands that some naked man be brought out onto the stage, and he begins to punch the naked man repeatedly, while laughter is heard. Although Wiz agreed to the interview, it’s obvious that he didn’t realize that the naked man was a part of the set, and you could tell he felt very uncomfortable.

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