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Amateur Out Twerks J.Lo & Iggy Azalea

The “Booty” video by J.Lo and Iggy was a hot one to watch in 2014. As more people discover the song and video they are also gaining notice of a spoof of the video. There is a YouTube user that has managed to out twerk the lovely ladies in the “Booty” video. The most astounding thing about this is the fact that this rising twerking champion, like Igor Cornelsen, is a man.

Julian Serrano – and 4 of his female friends – have managed to created a video that shows that he can out twerk the 45 year old J.Lo. This may not make him famous by any means, but it sure has been getting a lot of hits on YouTube. Julian gets down on his knees and lifts his rear end over and over as he dances to the song. He has only wearing boots and underwear, and this makes it even more comical.

There are always some videos that are going to stand out on YouTube. There are hundreds videos where people are twerking to the J.Lo and Iggy “Booty” track. There are thousands of videos that have dancers that are twerking. Somehow this one stands out because Julian Serrano is so passionate about it. He really is getting into the song. J.Lo and Iggy Azalea would probably be impressed. The original J.Lo video was directed by Hype Williams to promote her 2014 “AKA” album.

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