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Happy Holidays and 911

The impact of music varies from person to person. Some people love music so much, they will inadvertently dial 911 to hear even a second of it. 30-year-old David VanBibber did just that. David, who is diagnosed with a developmental disability, just wanted to listen to his favorite songs. Using a disconnected cell phone he accidently called 911 trying to access his music. In less than one week, David had made over 4,000 calls to the emergency line.

Not undermining the serious nature of tying up an emergency line, the calls were traced back eventually to the young man. When police learned of the unfortunate mistake, and completely innocence and unawareness of Mr. VanBibber, they teamed up to do something remarkable. Dispatch center employees raised money to purchase an IPOD as well as a $100 iTunes gift card.

The ending to this story could have been completely different, but in true human spirit and holiday magic, not only was a serious problem solved, but a young mans life was changed, possibly forever. Dave and Brit Morin, as well as workers at ABullseyeView, definitely love this.

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