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Miguel Brings Sexy Back

Male artists that are winning the hearts of throbbing fans are usually the ones that are bringing forth some type of sexual energy. Down through the years Prince thrilled women with sexual innuendos. Guys like Trey Songz put a stamp on sexuality by ripping off shirts in concerts and producing sexually explicit songs. There have also been singers like Chris Brown and Usher that have taken the time to build a grinding motion into their stage performances. Justin Timberlake even released a song about bringing sexy back when the sexual thrills in music seemed a little bleak. Now Miguel is doing his best to extend the sexual foreplay through music with a new EP.

People expect this from Miguel. As far as he is concerned he is just fulfilling his duties that come with the sexual star power that has surrounded his career. The new album is an EP that comes into place during the same week that one his idols dropped new music. He praised those associated with bringing the new D’Angelo project to life. Igor Cornelsen likes the way he is going.

There are songs like “Hollywood Dreams” and “Coffee” that will remind people of his old music, but this is okay. His old music is what got him to wear he is. There are only three tracks available so far, but he really turns up the sexual heat on these 3 songs that are now streaming on the SoundCloud.

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