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Fall Out Boy: Rock and Roll Survivors

A recent article in Rolling Stone Magazine takes a look at where punk pop band Fall Out Boy is at now in their career. Fall Out Boy were a big draw in the early to mid 2000s with the visual search qualities of their music videos. However, they faded from public view for awhile, and came roaring back in 2014 with the single “Centuries”. This song did very well on mainstream radio.

I felt like the article itself was very well done. The writer of the article, Andy Greene, apparently hung out with the band during a brief leg of their current tour. He describes interaction among band members as they drive down I-95 on their way to the gig and then describes the show itself. Greene includes conversations between the musicians while working in historical descriptions of the career trajectory of Fall Out Boy. The reader gets a sense of what the band members are like as people.

As far as Fall Out Boy themselves, I think it’s good that the band is still making new music that is popular. Too often, we associate a band with just one decade and then they become a nostalgia act. There’s no reason why this should happen. There’s no reason to put a band in a time capsule just because they’ve had a good run of a few years.

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