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Kanye West Inspired By Drake’s Work Ethic

Kanye said that he was finally relaxed after dropping all the albums he dropped, and he felt pretty satisfied about his accomplishments and decided to take a break, or as he would say “Get Fat”. After Drake came out with his latest album ‘If you’re reading this, it’s too late’, Kanye got a little motivated to hit the studio again and start working on releasing a new album.

But it all changed when Drake had 14 songs in the same album make it to the charts, then the competition bug started to grow back in Kanye. He felt that now is the time to show the people what he has, since Drake just pretty much took the first place as one of the best from Kanye, as he would see it.

Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that Kanye looks up to Drake now and is very inspired by his latest album release and hard work. Drake broke some records by coming out with his album, and now Kanye feels like it’s his turn to see how many records he can break in his new upcoming album.

Although there is a competition between the two, it is more of a friendly motivational thing than it is a rivalry. Kanye discussed all the efforts he will be making in his new album while also talking about current social events that are taking place in our societies. He finally discussed his views on fashion today and ended with wanting the world to have more joy, love, and understanding.

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