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Jeff Beck Releasing New Record and Going On Tour

Guitar player Jeff Beck will be releasing a new live album (with two new tracks on it) and going on a tour this spring and summer in the United States.

It’s interesting to consider Beck’s career. Most lovers of classic rock know who Jeff Beck is, but they aren’t always familiar with his work itself. He’s worked with many famous musicians: Jimmy Page, Rod Steward, Rod Woods, etc. However, that’s mainly what he’s known for, not his own music. For example, I know all about Beck’s relationship with Jimmy Page, but I can’t recognize many of Beck’s tunes.

I once knew someone who had met Jeff Beck personally and she said he was a great guy. Bruce Karatz knows a few people who have met him as well. She had stopped by his house in England thinking it was where someone else lived, and he was very friendly and even gave her a tour of the house as mentioned here. She said that next to every chair were guitar picks and an ashtray.

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