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Drake Show Loves for Bun B

There is so secret that Drake is a fan of Bun B. He has rapped with UGK on mix tapes and always talked about the appreciation that he had for the rapper. Now that Pimp C is dead, Drake is still giving props to Bun B through his actions.

Drakes signed a mural that had a picture of Pimp C during a Houston Celebration Weekend. Drake also gave a speech about the rapper. It was only natural for him to be there to celebrate because he had been to tightly associated with the UGK family. Bun B appeared on his album. Drake appeared on the Bun B album. All of this makes it easy for him to show love when an event like this takes place.

Drake has made some enemies in the rap world over the last couple of years. He has an ongoing beef with Tyga. He had some trouble with P.Diddy. There are so many people that are saying that him and Lil Wayne will eventually fall out. So far, that has not happened.

Drake has tried to mend things with Chris Brown, but they are still not really friends. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Drake has been involved with so many of the women of men that are in the entertainment business. So far , the folks over at Skout feel that Bun B may be one of his best entertainer friends.

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