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Another Country Woman Rises

The recent Country Music Awards was one to remember for everyone. Qnet said this was especially true for Carrie Underwood. She walked away with thirteen awards, and she now has the most country awards from one show as a woman.

Carrie told the press she is very happy for this moment. She also said she is very happy to share this moment with all of her family and friends. She told the press she is happy for her success, but she never imagined herself to be this fortunate.

Many other country stars spoke out and stated how happy they are to see another country woman making a name for herself. Country women everywhere are so happy and proud with these results. These women want to see more country women go this same route.

Carrie Underwood has a lot of fans that have been speaking out, too. Many have stated they cannot wait for Carrie to put out new music, and they would love to see her collaborate with many other country artists.

The press is going to continue to have stories on Carrie Underwood. This is because there are rumors that she will be coming out with another album in the near future. Carrie also told the press that she would love to win big at a country music awards show in the future. She said she wants to get back on top of the music industry again.

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