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George Soros: My Plan On The Asylum Chaos

With human rights at the core, the European Union needs a comprehensive plan to solve the asylum chaos. The problem is that the European Union is not taking its responsibility to accept that there is a lack of an asylum policy in Europe. The growing refugee influx is now what the result. Refugee numbers are overgrowing into a global crisis from a merely manageable problem they were overlooking.

Every member of the state is selfish and only thinks about self-interests rather than the interests of the people. Panic among refugees is immensely growing as well as the local authorities and the general public. The main victims here are the refugees. The European Union needs to respond to this crisis with the aid of a comprehensive plan that reasserts effective regime. The plan will have to extend beyond Europe’s border for it to be comprehensive. It is less disruptive and expensive to maintain potential refugees near their location.

Syria is the beginning of the crisis. The Syrian fate should be prioritized first. The Syrian crisis burden will be distributed over all member states of the United Nations and establish standards for dealing with problems of this kind in the future. Soros came up with a comprehensive plan that has components the European Union must follow to succeed.

The European Union must start building a single Migration and EU Asylum Agency immediately which will later be the EU border guard. The newly formed agency will streamline the procedures for consistent benefits, an establishment of common entrepreneurship and employment rules, as well as a right respecting policy for the migrants that do not qualify to be in the asylum.

The European Union needs as well to mobilize the private sector so that it can perfectly integrate and absorb a million migrants and asylum seekers every year. NGOs, businesses, and churches will act as sponsors. This will require human and IT capacity as well as funding to match sponsors and migrants. The exodus from Syria was never to become a huge crisis it is today. A genuine response to the comprehensive asylum policy will end the human suffering and panic. it can be found in MarketWatch.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He is a prominent American philanthropist and businessman. He is the current chairperson Open Society Foundations and the Soros Fund Management. George Soros is a genius in reading the mind of the market. He quotes that the study of equilibrium position is devoted to the economic theory. A concept that means that the equilibrium is useful in allowing us to judge the outcome and not the process leading to the outcome. It has an empirical aura since the process of adjustment often leads to an equilibrium. It can be found in Wikiquote.

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